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The Benefits of Planning Your Summer Wardrobe

The other day I was thinking about my life as a teenager. My sister Diane, who is a few years older than me, is the queen of effortless organization, which I admire her for.

In March-April, Diane would go to the fabric store and choose all the patterns she would make for her summer wardrobe. She would buy her fabric either from the store or mail order from a catalog. Beautiful cotton twills, seersuckers, and linens, all in coordinating colors. She would sew eight or ten tops, skirts and dresses. Then she would buy interesting summer shoes, sandals and purses and jewelry that coordinated. (I was particularly fond of her lovely pair of butter yellow shoes!) And because she did some planning, she was able to save money by making sure each accessory would do double-duty.

At the first sign of summer weather, Diane burst on the scene looking fabulous. The key here is that she looked great every day, not just in a while. she was ready for any activity that came a long - parties, dances, shopping, a day at the beach or just hanging with her friends. It was such a confidence-booster. So if you want to feel and look great, and possibly save some money, consider this approach to sewing. 

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