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Free Learn-to-Sew Booklet by Butterick

If you think sewing is difficult, think again. We found this very cool how-to booklet inside one of our Butterick sewing patterns, instead of the usual folded version. In 50 years, I’ve never seen a pattern like this. This pattern doesn’t come with a pattern number so we assigned it 0000 if you want to purchase it.  

The pattern is for a girl’s wrap dress and we believe it was created for young girls to learn to sew. Not  sure how many other patterns Butterick created similar to this.

We thought it would be fun to share with you the general instructions from the booklet. We left out the instructions specific to the dress.  Take a look below - they are pretty useful!

If you know anything about this type of pattern we’d love to hear about it!


CLICK HERE to open the .PDF



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